fotoBiz X provides the best Contact Management for Photographers!

All activities in fotoBiz begin with a contact record. Finding or entering a contact into the program is where you’ll need to start when creating documents like stock quotes, assignment estimates or invoices.

You can import and export contacts and finding an existing contact is a breeze with the quick sorts and more detailed search options. When you create an activity for a contact whether it’s an email or phone call or if you’ve submitted a stock or assignment photography invoice you’ll be able to see those details at a glance by date in the contact’s activity log.

All of the information about the contact is available at a glance from the various tabs on the client record. In addition to the activity log, these include Assignment Estimates, Stock Quotes, Submissions and Invoices.

Working With Your Clients

Activity Log

The activity log in each client’s record allows you to easily see all client communications in 1 spot, plus you can easily scroll through based on activity type – quotes, invoices & submissions.

Email Templates

With more than thirty email templates, staying in touch with your clients has never been easier. The email templates in fotoBiz provide easy access to many of these communications. You’ll find templates that:
  • Restate your understanding of an assignment
  • Collection letters for late payments
  • Responses to contract demands
  • Cover letters for nearly everything including a portfolio submission
  • A letter that grants an extension of time to keep your images
  • An independent contractor agreement
  • Many types of thank you letters
You can customize all templates and, if you would like, you can create an unlimited number of your own templates! For the busy photographer, who has little time to write, these email templates make keeping in touch with your clients easy and professional.

Currency Settings

Not only can you identify your home currency from a selection of more than 30 currencies tracked by the European Central Bank, you can also set up a new contact to be billed in a currency other than your home currency.

All of the reporting is automatically converted to your home currency so that your records are accurate and always reflect the amount due to you in your home currency.

Duplicating Contacts

The ability to duplicate contacts can save time when you have multiple contacts from the same company. Duplicating a contact will only pull the company information, address, and phone so that you don’t have to re-enter this information with each new contact within the same organization.

Contact Management for Photographers using Keywords

Keywords, type category, status, referrer, and region are all fields that are designed to help you better manage your contacts. Use these fields to find specific and targeted groups of clients. Send them an email about your being in the area, a promotional mailing, or news about a showing you might be having in their city.

For most situations, mass marketing is a thing of the past. To be successful in your marketing outreach today your messaging needs to be target specific. Making use of these tools in fotoBiz will help you to do just that.

Searching and Sorting Your Contact Records

There are two ways to find, select and group contacts. Through the Find feature you’ll be able to drill down into your client database to locate individuals or specific groups of contacts. You can also conduct quick sorts of your contacts by selecting the various header rows from the list view as well as alphabetical sorts by client name or company name.

Once you have completed the search for a specific group of clients it’s easy to assign the entire group an activity. For example, you can record a note or activity that indicates this group received your holiday promotional piece.

Print Profile

This feature lets you print out the contact information for a selected client. The notes for the client will also be included and is a great at-a-glance account of your client’s record for meetings held outside of your office or studio.

Cradoc fotoSoftware fotoBiz® X is a comprehensive, powerful, and easy to use business management software available for your stock and assignment photography estimating and billing needs. It is the favorite of professional freelance photographers worldwide!

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*fotoBiz® X for High Sierra, Mojave & Catalina is a separate demo program. Please choose the NEWER MAC OS version above.

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